House Design Portfolio

Good design is rare, exceptional design even more so. Creating an exceptional home requires both a talented residential architect and interior designer that not only share the same vision, but also work closely together. A collaboration such as this is uncommon, but without it, an opportunity for a truly inspirational home may be lost. We offer seamless, integrated architecture and interior design, together under the same roof. You may have seen our homes featured in Architectural Digest, Trends International, Better Homes and Gardens, Residential Architect, Great American Kitchens, and many other notable magazines. Our custom home designs get noticed.

Our modern house designs are conceived in three dimensions, not merely extruded two dimensional floor plans, but with equal care given to the functional floor plan, three dimensional spatial form, and sensory detail. We sculpt spaces, accentuate them with light, and adorn their surfaces with sensuous materials. In this way, we create romantic, dramatic, and emotive modern house designs. Enduring, classical architectural principles create a framework for our modern house designs, yet we do not limit ourselves to any one historical architectural 'style'. Our work is grounded in history but is always a fresh, contemporary interpretation designed for today. We like to think of it as modern house design with character.

We design homes throughout the United States and have experience designing houses for all climates and conditions: from the icy extremes of Minnesota, the damaging humidity of Florida, the dry desert of Arizona, the unstable mountainsides of Montana, to the temperate bliss of California.